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Media: Paper, cardboard, spray paint, mirror sheets, white paint

Dimensions: 6.5' x 1.5' x 1'

Year: 2020

This piece dives into a personality trait which I feel has defined me over the years: introversion. 

By nature, I am a very quiet person. I am not comfortable in some crowds, and it often takes me a while to open up to friends and loved ones. That said, once you have seen inside, beyond my masks and shells, I can be a completely different person. A similar approach was taken with this piece. An unassuming shell of painted cardboard protrudes from the wall. Only through the small dots and dashes as openings can the viewer peer into the piece—never fully able to see it all. I like to think there are qualities about myself which some people are drawn to (and some are not, that’s fine too). But those who are drawn to look deeper can discover truths about me. But just like with anyone, our understanding of ourselves is merely a reflection of what we’ve remembered over the years, imperfect and one-sided. This is why the piece relies on mirror fractals to view, and the true insides cannot be fully seen from any angle. [Additional tidbit: the dots/dashes holes for viewing spell out ‘Chandler’ in morse code.]

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