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Media: colored pencil on paper, ink, motors

Dimensions: 6' x 6' x 3"

Year: 2019

With this kinetic drawing, I was exploring the feeling of ‘home’ and how it correlates with place. Each drawing is a map of somewhere I have considered my home. With the middle horizontal 3 being each houses I’ve lived in Dallas, and the vertical middle 3 being family members’ homes and my downtown workplace (all in Dallas). The backbone of the structure lies in Texas. Branching to the corners are other places I never expected to feel such a strong connection to—East Texas, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and Florence, Italy. Upon moving to California for college, I never thought I could feel at home outside of the walls of my Dallas houses. But as I have continued to move throughout the world, the thoughts of ‘home as a place' and ‘home as an emotion’ have transitioned in my mind. 


As the discs move, each quarter rotation reveals a new image—the shapes of Texas and California, and the words “Dallas” and “LA”. 

I was determined to get the mechanics of this piece correct. However, I am much more attracted to the moments between stills—the dissonance between the 4 viewpoints I specifically designed. It’s wonderfully easy to get lost in its ever-chaining colors, lines, and shapes.

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