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Media: metallic acrylic paint, masonite, hot glue

Dimensions: 7.5' x 4.5' x 4"

Year: 2019

This piece focuses on the transitions within relationships. Each viewpoint signifies either the construction or deterioration of a relationship (friends, family, romantic, or otherwise). To move from right-to-left, the previously dark void evolves into a solidified metallic gradient. This moment of transition shows the potential that new people bring into your life, and with each progression of the relationship they are solidified into a familial bond. Contrarily—left-to-right—a relationship could go from that familial-level bond and slowly (or quickly) deteriorate until you are strangers once again. 


All of this is not meant to be grasped at first glance. This was merely the intention driving each stage of the painting as I created it. The ambiguity in the forms allows for a variety of interpretations. The viewer is free to move as quickly or slowly between these transitions, but is never allowed to be fully in two stages at once. 

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