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Media: Acrylic paint on window blinds

Dimensions: 64" x 33" x 2"

Year: 2019

Painted on these blinds are abstractions based on photos I have taken from plane windows while traveling. I have always been a window-seat lover, ever since I was young. One of my favorite feelings in the world is flying high above the Earth. The lighter side of the blinds shows overlapping edges of coastlines from various island and peninsulas. I am drawn to the ambiguity in whether the land or the water is being depicted within the positive space. On the reverse side, the positive/negative spaces are flipped with the addition of metallic dots. The dots are abstracted views of aerial city lights at night. Traveling is a recently developed passion of mine, but one which has been incredibly fruitful for my world view, and my understanding of myself and others. With each new place I visit, I can feel my mind and soul expanding with curiosities and wonder. 

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